Gonego Sp. z o.o.Gonego Sp. z o.o.
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Gonego Sp. z o.o. is a limited liability company providing its clients with specialized services. After more than fifteen years of purchasing experience, we decided to apply our knowledge and experience to assist and support other companies with their purchasing needs. We handle purchases for your investment projects, materials, services or IT needs both in this country and internationally.

Any dynamically growing business demands continuous analyses and finding ever new creative ways to cut cost. The need to meet customers’ rising expectations forces the business to look for novel solutions both in technology and organization. We have acquired experience over many years spent working in various industrial sectors to design a purchasing policy based on skillful management, optimization and rationalizing of the entire procurement process so that now we can offer products and services of the highest quality but at reasonable prices. Our state-of- the-art strategy will give your company a clear competitive edge over your competition while generating measurable cost savings, in other words: “lower costs and higher financial results”. We manage indirect costs for many clients and that is why our business scale combined with specialization in various groups of materials and services can win them better financial terms and conditions.

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