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Time Savings

do 30

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, companies utilizing procurement outsourcing save an average of 25-30% of the time spent on procurement management.

Cost Savings

do 20

A Deloitte report indicates that procurement outsourcing can result in savings of 10-20% compared to internal procurement management.

Innovation and Expertise


According to data from the HfS Research report, 70% of companies consider access to innovative solutions and specialized expertise from providers as one of the main reasons for outsourcing.



According to data from the Statista report, 60% of companies leveraging procurement outsourcing experience scalability benefits, meaning the ability to flexibly adjust resources to changing business needs.


Solutions tailored to your needs – here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions that facilitate the use of our services. 

Outsourcing procurement processes primarily offers significant cost savings and allows companies to focus on key aspects of their business. Additionally, outsourcing provides access to specialized skills and expertise, increasing operational efficiency.

Outsourcing firms’ global perspective and flexibility enable quick adaptation to changing market conditions. In summary, outsourcing procurement processes becomes a strategy that supports both savings and enterprise development.

For example, someone who is an expert in purchasing parts for mass production may not necessarily have knowledge of procuring cardboard or plastic packaging used in the enterprise. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in procurement departments, we can assist in this area.

You don’t need your procurement department to benefit from our expertise. Our outsourcing offering eliminates the need for incurring costs associated with an internal team and opens doors to specialized knowledge, flexibility, and operational efficiency. And if you already have your procurement department, we don’t aim to undermine the competence of its employees; however, we declare support in seeking savings in your company.

Our clients do not incur any costs. We only settle with the suppliers of products/services.

1 Cost Reduction: Procurement outsourcing can reduce the prices of raw materials/products/services by an average of 18%. However, we have carried out cost-saving projects exceeding 100%, especially in cardboard packaging.

2. Decreased Administrative Costs: Outsourcing procurement processes to an external company can reduce administrative costs by up to 25%, improving operational efficiency.

3. Improved Order Delivery Compliance: Outsourcing can increase order delivery compliance by an impressive 60%, eliminating delays and potential logistic issues.

4. Operational Cost Reduction: Companies leveraging outsourcing can expect a 15-20% reduction in operational costs, enhancing overall profitability.

5. Know-how: Outsourcing allows companies to entrust procurement processes to experienced specialists with extensive market contacts and rich experience.

6. Avoidance of Employment Costs: Avoidance of costs associated with employing staff, such as maintaining a job position, recruitment, training, office equipment, and telecommunication services.

Data from the Aberdeen Group’s analytical report highlight these benefits, making procurement process outsourcing a strategic decision for many businesses.

Outsourcing procurement processes through our company does not mean losing control over the procurement process by the client. On the contrary, our experience and customer-oriented approach allow us to handle all aspects of procurement while ensuring full transparency and control over the processes.

Sending orders to suppliers will remain solely your competence. However, we will recommend reliable and proven companies that will provide professional support, be responsive to your inquiries, and show interest and initiative to meet your expectations to the fullest extent possible. These recommended companies also value cooperation with us because your recommendations for a new supplier will likely lead us to recommend their services/products to other clients we acquire. This way, all three parties win:

1. The client, meaning you, receives quality, more favorable purchase prices, and a high level of service.

2. Suppliers increase revenue by acquiring new buyers for their products/services.

3. And us by earning commissions paid by the suppliers.

We offer comprehensive procurement advisory services, including:

Cost-saving audits,

Negotiations of prices for semi-finished products, raw materials, supplies,

Negotiations of delivery terms,

Negotiations of payment terms.

When choosing a partner for outsourcing procurement processes, key factors include
– experience and expertise in the procurement field,

– references from other clients,

– understanding of the industry specifics and the use of technologies and tools.

Assessing the partner’s scale of operations, adaptability, and quality of customer service is also important. When cooperating with a procurement outsourcing partner, data security, adapting to changes, transparent service costs, and legal compliance are other significant aspects. A thorough examination of these criteria will ensure effective and secure collaboration aligned with the company’s expectations and needs.

Yes, when choosing to collaborate with Gonego, you can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us, and all information obtained by us during the collaboration remains confidential.

We only receive guidelines from you on how to conduct the tendering process. Typically, these are quantities of products you wish to purchase and their specifications. Companies collaborating with us send us offers, from which we select the most advantageous from the client’s point of view (number of transports per week/month, possibility of consignment stock, on-call deliveries, inventory size, and any conveniences tailored to the specific client).

Upon acceptance of the offer and agreement on commercial cooperation terms, we connect the client with the potential supplier. In the case of ongoing cooperation, we provide further support in the context of procurement, operational, and logistical management processes.